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NAET is a natural, painless, and non-invasive treatment used to permanently eliminate food and environmental allergies.  This method can be used safely on anyone, even newborn infants, the elderly, patients in a coma and pets.  NAET is a truly revolutionary solution that provides relief from adverse reactions to new allergens and empowers the individual to live a better life in our modern world.

This treatment does not involve the use of drugs, herbs, vitamins, or other supplements.  However, NAET may be used in conjunction with other forms of treatments and therapies, including drugs, herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other supplements, if found appropriate to improve or enhance one's health. 

NAET utilizes a combination of kinesiology, acupuncture/acupressure, nutritional management and a specific type of spinal manipulative procedure from chiropractic to accomplish allergy elimination. Nambudripad's Testing Techniques utilizes Muscle Response Testing (MRT) which indicates the kinetic imbalance in the body caused by allergens.  The NAET treatment stimulates pressure points along the spine from the neck to the sacrum while the patient is holding an allergen.  After the treatment, a strong MRT indicates that the allergy has been removed.  Specific acupressure points are then massaged or acupuncture needles may be inserted for 20 minutes to stabilize the treatment.  The substance must then be completely avoided for 25 hours following the treatment for best results.  Allergens are treated and cleared one at a time in a specific sequence.  Normally only one item is treated on a given day.  In most cases one session is all that is required to eliminate an allergy if NAET is applied properly.  Individuals who are highly sensitive may sometimes require additional treatments. (NAET:  Say Good-Bye to Your Allergies, Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD (Acu), 2003)

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