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Dr. Decker is certified and registered to provide your CDL medical examination. You may verify this by going to www.nationalregistry.fmcsa.dot.gov

                     Call to schedule your CDL exam: 928-289-3451


1) Avoid things that will increase your Blood Pressure.  High Blood Pressure is one of the main indicators of stroke or heart attack and is to be kept at a very strict level. Your recertification can be limited immediately. I suggest that you avoid products with caffeine on the day of the exam, or longer if necessary. Also, if you are on medication, be sure to take your medicine.

2) Keep your blood sugar in check.  Avoid sugary meals before the exam.  If your blood sugar is too high this could disqualify or limit your recertification. If you are diabetic you need to be particularly careful.

NOTE!!!!    The above recommendations could help you with your examination, but you need to remember to ALWAYS keep your health and blood pressure under control. Improve your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables.  Stop smoking. Do all the things your mother told you when you were young, then you may feel young again and enjoy a longer, healthier life, and you will be helping to keep the roads safer as a responsible driver!

Now come on in and let's get you re-certified!

See you soon.

Dr. Decker

PS... Don't forget to bring your glasses or hearing aids if you use them.